Animal salt licks

In Khewra Salt we did not forget about the wealth of minerals for animals. This 100% natural salt licks are made entirely from pink Himalayan Crystal Salt. This is exactly the same as the salt lamps and tea lights we also sell. It's also identical to pink Himalayan Crystal Salt for human consumption. It comes with a hole drilled through the centre of the block and a rope to tie it to a fence post or a tree. Best that you can give to wildlife, pets and all farm animals as they supplement mineral deficiencies. There is no risk of animals consuming too much salt, as they will lick them to get only the amount they need, and then they will stop licking until they need more minerals to balance their diet. It is thanks to the fact that our salt licks have neither been baked to lose minerals and nutrients, nor processed in any other way, apart from hammering to give it handy shape and drilling a hole for rope, and also contain no additives or flavours which could encourage greediness. Another great advantage of Khewra Salt animal salt licks is the fact that they are made of solid rock salt which is not too easily bitten. It would be very hard for a horse or other animal to bite chunks of the block. We present few examples of our salt licks sizes, however we can produce any size of our customer’s choice. Treat your horses, ponies, cats, dogs and other animals with the purest and healthiest salt on Earth- the Himalayan pink salt!