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We are a Pakistani-Polish partnership specializing in products made of Himalayan Salt - the purest salt on Earth. We are a shareholder of the second largest salt mine in the world - Khewra Salt Mine, as well as we have our own small salt mine. Our mission is to share this treasure of the Earth with the wholeworld. Our manufacture is located at the heart of the world’sfamous Himalyan salt range - Karakoram, few hundred yards fromKhewra Salt Mine. It is here that our skilled craftsmen make allthe beautiful salt lamps in various shapes, tealight holders, massage stones, salt soaps, bricks and as well as our unique saltware. Moreover, Khewra Salt offers microclimate salt caves and exclusive salt saunas. We cooperate with a pioneer in the construction of salt caves and saunas from Poland - the cradle of halotherapy.

We have established years long cooperation with companies in Canada, Argentina, Chile, Turkey, China, Poland, Denmark, Bulgaria, Russia and Czech Republic. It will be our honor and pleasure if you join our respected importers.


Himalayan edible salt

•  the purest salt on Earth

•  100% natural salt hand mined in
 Range, Pakistan

•  contains 84 minerals and trace elements -
   magnesium, potassium,calcium, zinc,
   manganese, copper, iron, iodine,
   chromium, selenium, easily absorbed
   by human body

Natural salt lamps

•  improves air quality, reducing the amount
    of harmful positive ions indoors

•  has beneficial effect on the disposition
   of people with respiratory ailments

•  placed near the computer it neutralises
   the effects of electrosmog

• its soothing light reduces stress and helps
   you sleep 

Salt brick and tiles

We offer salt bricks and tiles for the construction of inhalation rooms, salt caves and saunas. Each piece is unique. They come in all shades of orange and pink with inclusions of transparent crystal salt (halite), giving spectaluar effect when lit up. The most popular sized are: 8x4x2", 8x4x1", 8x8x1,5", 8x12x1,5", round 8"x1,5" .

Khewra Salt Mine
It is here that pink crystal salt is obtained for your lamps!

Salt cave 

constrcuted of himalayan salt chunks


ISO 22000:2005-HACCP

NTN  Certificate

FDA Certificate

Office: Khewra Salt, No.1 Rock Salt Mine Road, 46-900 Khewra, Jhelum - Pakistan / e-mail: fahad@khewrasalt.com / mobile: +92 332 572 5231